Slim Thick Guide by SOM

Slim Thick Guide by SOM

Slim Thick Guide by SOM

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Slim Thick Guide by SOM is a 6-week gym based workout plan to stay Slim and Thick at the same time. You want to have tight and slim waist? You want to have thick and curvy legs and booty? You want to feel confident in your own skin? This Guide is for you!


What this program includes🤓💪🏼🍑⏳:

  1. 6-week training program with video tutorials 
  2. My eating habits that helped me loose 40 lbs, but stay Slim Thick 
  3. What equipment I use to make my fitness journey comfortable, but effective 
  4. Break down of the best cardio for hour-glass figure/ best alternative options 
  5. Teach you how to increase your strength and get more results faster
  6. How to have a balanced and sustainable, healthy, but YUMMY diet 
  7. Tips on how to spend less time in the kitchen but still have balanced and tasty meals
  8. And more..


Once guide is received there are NO refunds!

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